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The 2013 edition of the CEFP Summerschool, this year called DSL 2013, features a lecture about task-oriented programming with Clean and iTasks.

On this page you can find the material for the lab sessions that accompany this lecture.

Clean + iTasks for CEFP 2013 Course

For the CEFP course, a snapshot of Clean 2.4 + iTasks for 32-bit windows is available that works out of the box. You can download it here: CleanWithiTasks-20130704.zip

Here are some additional resources:

  1. [1]: a framework for the Ligretto case study (ligretto_framework.zip).
 WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD: if you really want to implement the case study yourself, then do not download this version!! 
 This is a complete implementation of the Ligretto case study!!
  1. [2]: brief explanation of the Ligretto case study and the above framework.
  2. [3] the lab assignments.
  3. [4] possible solutions and explanations to the lab assignments.
  4. [5]: the first lecture slides
  5. [6]: the second lecture slides