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StdEnv is the Standard Environment library that is standard included when you download a Clean system. It is available on all platforms Clean is running on.

The Standard Environment consists of the following library modules.

Module Description
StdArray Basic array creation and modification functions.
StdBool Basic boolean operations.
StdChar Basic character, conversion, and predicate functions.
StdCharList Justification, flattening, and splitting operations on character lists.
StdClass Type constructor class definitions (PlusMin, MulDiv, Arith, IncDec , Enum, Eq, Ord)
StdDebug Useful text output functions for tracing the execution of your program.
StdEnum Is required when using .. expressions, such as [1,3..] the list of odd numbers.
StdEnv Convenient module that imports all the other modules of the standard environment.
StdFile Operations to open, modify, read, and close files. Most basic types can be read/written.
StdFunc A number of functions of a general nature.
StdInt Basic integer operations, plus bitwise operations.
StdList Many standard and folklore functions on lists.
StdMisc Two functions to terminate your program abruptly with or without a message.
StdOrdList More functions on lists which elements are member of the Ord class.
StdOverloaded Overloaded function definitions (e.g.: +,-,zero, *,/,one, toInt,toChar..., fromInt,fromChar ..., ln, log10..., sin,cos,tan...).
StdReal Basic real (floating point) operations, plus logarithmical and trigonometrical functions.
StdString String comparison, ordering, concatenation, and conversion functions.
StdTuple Tuple and triple comparison, ordering, and selection functions.

A more elaborate overview of these modules can be found here.