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The Clean Object I/O library comes with support for creating your own 2D-platform games. The extension to build games has been developed by Mike Wiering during his Master Thesis project. A paper on this project has appeared in the Selected Papers Proceedings of the IFL '99 Workshop. The library to create games is the Games 1.2.1 library. The games mentioned on this page are included as examples.

You can create complete games in only a fraction of the time it would take by using a traditional language. For instance, the Sinterklaas game contains less than 3000 lines of Clean code.

'Sinterklaas' game, screen dump of level 1
'Sinterklaas' game, screen dump of level 2

There is a new special purpose drawing program, a Tile Editor. With the Tile Editor one can make tiles which can be used to make sprites, animations and background layers.

Tile Editor for drawing game levels

The Tile Editor generates Clean modules such that the drawings you made can be handled by the Clean program. You can use the code of a game like 'Sinterklaas' as a blueprint for your own games. Most of the code can be reused and in such a way you can easily create a game like 'Charlie the Duck'.

'Charlie the Duck', screen dump of level 1

A board game like 'worms' is a very simple version of a platform game. You can use the game library also to create such board games.

'Worms', screen dump